Looking to start a pool hall business? Perhaps I can help.

My name is Brad Turner, owner of The Hub Billiard Club in Island Park, NY. 

All my working life I have been an employee for someone else. 

In 2006 I saw what the economic slow down was doing to my peers. Layoffs were coming fast and furious. I needed to protect my future so I acted on my dream to own a pool hall.  

In 2010 I opened The Hub Billiard Club (www.TheHubBC.com). It took 4 years of planning and preparation, but today I have a thriving business that has grown 200% in the last four years.

When I sold The Hub in December of 2017, The Hub was the second largest pool hall on Long Island, and with our expansion into live music, had become a multifaceted entertainment company.

My hope is that the information on this site empowers you to act and take your dream to the next level.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me via email at PoolHallBP@Gmail.com.

The Hub Billiard Club

The Hub Billiard Club